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Juan Velasquez

Juan Velasquez

Juan Velasquez works at Core Technologies as IT Director. Juan provides vision and leadership for CTI enterprise-wide business technology cybersecurity initiatives.

He manages enterprise cybersecurity governance structure, policies, processes, and metrics.

As part of the IT Asset Management (ITAM), Juan manages business processes designed to control the lifecycle and inventory of CTI IT assets.

Juan oversees Core Technologies Security Program by following industry security standards and frameworks like NIST, DFARS, FISMA, HIPPA, PCI. Juan works with the rest of the team to coordinate and enforce all written policies and procedures. To maintain the highest level of security, Juan makes sure that CTI uses Special Publication 800-30, Special Publication 800-37, Special Publication 800-39,  and Special Publication 800-53 as guidance.

Part of responsibilities:

  1. Initial Evaluation, Recommendation, and Assessments.
  2. Facilitate action review with designated client point of contact.
  3. Assessment of risk compliance, tracking security posture and evaluation of current security effectiveness.
  4. Assessment of critical vendor SOC reports.
  5. Monthly Technology Assessment.
  6. Coordinate response to security breach.
  7. Monthly internal and vulnerability scans.
  8. Executive Management Monthly Technology Reports.
  9. Annual Cybersecurity Board Training.


Tech Systems Inc.:
Email migration to Office 365;
Migrate all current internal Servers to GreenCloud;
DUO dual factor authentication.
Collected all emails requiring migration to O365. We used a combination of PowerShell and Network Detective;
Purchased O365 and MigrationWiz licenses;
Connected to MigrationWiz and configured it to pull data from the Prime MS Exchange 2010 by using OWA
Atlanta Women Health Group:

Firewall (Watchguard)
MPLS data network
SD-WAN (VeloCloud)
VOIP phone migration.
Georgia Urology:

Migration from MPLS to SD-WAN (Big Leaf).

Previous Companies:

Juan Velasquez worked as a vCISO at NXTsoft. During his tenure at NXTsoft, Juan oversaw several customers in the health, government, financial, and law industries making sure they had a security program in place. Juan also made sure that the customers were following regulatory compliance like Healthcare providers must implement Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Payment Card Industry (PCI), ISO 27001.

Juan was a trusted advisor for senior management; as part of the IT steering committee, he would advise the board of directors in developing and implementing security strategies to strengthen their security posture.

Juan Velasquez would coordinate with the SOC team to address, fix or mitigate any security incident by following the customer Incident Response Plan (IRP). 


Juan Velasquez worked as a Senior System Engineer at Milner Technology Services, where he has been a major contributor in the Engineering Department. Much of Juan’s experience has been used as a project lead in the disciplines of network design, implementation, redundancy, security and all relevant aspects of end-to-end continuity. He supports the rest of the engineering department through mentoring team members and by working on escalated and complex issues.

Juan also worked at LAPTV, a Fox International business unit, as a Network Manager. He was hired to manage offices in Mexico City, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Atlanta. He was tasked with aligning the company with SOX compliance requirements. Juan’s approach to accomplishing this task was to work directly with News Corp’s internal auditors to ensure compliance. The biggest challenge was identifying and correcting the bad cultural habits throughout the company. New security governance initiatives coupled with policies, procedures and training successfully aligned the company with information security best practices.

Juan understands the importance behind documentation and training as being the organizational cornerstones to providing customers with successful implementations and the highest level of professional services.

Juan has worked with reputable Manage Services Providers, including Milner Technology Services and Ricoh Technoforce, among others. Juan assisted existing and new customers achieve their HIPPA and SOX compliance requirements as it applies to information technology.

Juan started his IT career working for Compaq Tech Support providing tech support for their consumer products like Presario desktop and laptop models.


Certified Ethical Hacker

VCP 5.1 VMware Certified Professional


Watchguard Network Security Essentials 

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE – Elective Security)

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)

Certified SonicWall Security Administrator

CompTIA CDIA+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA A+




Our Approach to Security & Prevention

Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability – CIA.

Confidentiality means that information must be secured from unauthorized access.
Integrity means that information is complete and free from tampering.
Availability means that information must be available in a timely manner by those who need it.